The 19 August 2014 Episode of “All I Can Do is Shake My Head” The Ferguson Edition

Posted: August 19, 2014 in Uncategorized

Y’all know I can get started without giving my lil girl a plug. Please take a read of my oldest’s blog at Great inspirational reading from a young lady who brings it everyday. Now on to the reading.

I know it has been a minute since I have done any writing and I admit a lot has gone on with me. I have stayed mostly quiet on social media, just observing and listening. This situation in Ferguson has brought on much prayer and thought. So, I thought it would be a good idea for me to share those thoughts here. (I will wonder about that after I publish this…)

My take here is from a personal level only. I am very angry at the situation in Ferguson, MO. Just like I was upset and the untimely choking out of Eric Gardner in NYC and the other unarmed brothers who have died from the hand of the police. For my Caucasian brothers and sisters, I really want you to understand this. There is a history, a track record, a running tally of these incidents over the past 50-100 years. My father made it a point to teach me how to speak and act around police officers during stops. My grandfather spoke of friends of his that went missing after traffic stops and never to be found. In the eyes of the black community, the police can be construed as another gang. The simple solution is this, when mistakes like this are made, some one needs to be arrested and tried. But it goes deeper…

My son in laws are in their early 20s. Shacora, my oldest daughter, is currently in the police academy. I also have a grandson. I worry about my daughters’ husbands because they could be the next Mike Brown. I worry about my oldest because she has to make the decision in the heat of the moment, the moment of truth if you will, to use deadly force. I worry about my grandson and what he will face. Then to top it off, I am not exempt either. The wrong officers, the women in my family could be widows. The wrong situation, we are without our daughter. All because of years of institutionalized hate and fear. Yes I said it, fear.

Then to add to all of this, we are witnessing a hypocrisy of monumental proportions. Let me call you out. 1) All of you wrapped up in the quilt of the 2nd amendment. So it wasn’t cool when the Feds rolled onto Clive Bundy’s property but you can dig the idea of the police, acting like an armed militia, rolling in the streets. Let that happen in Highland Park neighborhood of Dallas and I bet every 2nd amendment jabroni will come out of the woodwork. 2) The current Hip Hop Nation. You bunch of fools. You bunch of minstrels. While you are dancing the proverbial jig on BET and rappin about nothing, your generation is getting gunned down in the streets. You fools didn’t learn anything from the elders. You are supposed to be the voice of the people. LOL You are nothing but a joke now and the culture is suffering. The people are suffering and have no voice. Who cares about any hip hop beef, who cares about Hip Hop wives of Atlanta, our people are dying. 3) The black church. Boy do we have a hill to climb huh….We lost the ear of the people because of years of having to trudge through hucksters, schisters and crooks in church leadership. We lost the ear of the people because while we were entertaining in the temple, the people outside suffered. Telling people how the “fire shut in your bones” made you feel, didn’t feed that hungry family next door. We lost the ear of the people when we traded the Gospel for being “Hood Superstars.” This is why when we as clergy show up to protests like this, not many are being taken seriously. The outlets that the people traditionally had have been sold off, corrupted, or just flat abandoned. So the story of the people has to be told by the ones on the outside.

So will we learn anything from Ferguson. I hate to admit it but I doubt it. Once the story gets old, it will fade. Until the next unarmed brother gets killed. Just my .02 worth…. 


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