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Y’all know I can get started without giving my lil girl a plug. Please take a read of my oldest’s blog at Great inspirational reading from a young lady who brings it everyday. Now on to the reading.

Ok, I have done some cursory reading about the US Senate race in Mississippi. We have a 6 term Senator, Thad Cochran vs. the Tea Party youngster Chris McDaniel. Tuesday’s runoff election was to settle who will run for the job in November. The old man was written off as a loser because he actually came in SECOND in the initial primary. The youngster was slated to finish the old timer off in the runoff. But Cochran still had some left in the tank. He took advantage of MS open primary laws and began to court the African-American vote. MS has a large population of black folk and the majority votes Democratic. In the famous, “Who would you rather have, devil you know or the devil you don’t?” move, Cochran was able to increase turn out in the runoff and pull off a huge win. The youngster didn’t concede, he cried foul. “Something is fishy with all of these liberals voting in a Republican primary.” Hmmm, interesting observation…Time to preach on this.

Mr. McDaniel this is for you. Listen good. You got beat by a lifetime politician plain and simple. You got beat by a man who knows more about the game than you ever lived. Just because you are a talk radio hack doesn’t mean you can cut it on the big stage. Plus chances are, if you would have one the primary, you would have lost in November. Nonetheless, Cochran schooled you on the rules. Fine. But your comments and actions didn’t help you. Basically Cochran invited people he knew that disliked you for general purposes, by your racially foolish rhetoric for example. You did yourself in with years of this mess and the GENERAL electorate made you pay for it earlier.

Another point, YOU COULD HAVE DONE THE SAME THING!!!! I guess you don’t know history very well. Hmmm, let me inform you. This has been a common practice for years, politicians hit up the black church and black church leaders for votes, especially if the vote is tight or if a controversial piece of legislation is involved. Personally the practice is sickening to me because you should WANT my vote all of the time, not just because you need it to survive. (Yes, what Cochran did makes lunch back up in my trachea…) But you could have done it too. What this situation and your post elections comments make you either 1) not smart, 2) not observant 3) scared or unwilling to tap in a population that in the ballot box, could have provided you the numbers that you needed to win. Isn’t winning the goal???

This brings me to my final point. Lets stay with isn’t the goal winning the election? This MS electoral race has shined a very obvious point. My white republican brothers and sisters especially those you are running for office, listen. No matter how you gerrymander districts, rig rules, play games, the goal is having more votes than the other guy. As you are spewing that rhetoric that stirs up the base, you need to be careful what you say. Because you may just alienate the people you need most. The days of discounting a person for the color of their skin, their gender, their nationality or their sexuality are over. Because payback comes in many different forms, politically, financially and legally. So instead of talking from the side of your neck to gin up a base that can’t get you a win, how about debating ideas? Instead of speaking in bumper sticker speak, how about presenting coherent thoughts? Do you have any policy proposals that can benefit everyone? What problems can you solve? Keep your conservative credential spiel to yourself? I don’t care nor do I know what a conservative truly is. Bring some ideas and lets talk. Otherwise, prepare for your party in becoming that crazy uncle that the family keeps in the back room away from the kids. Just my .02 cents….


Y’all know I can get started without giving my lil girl a plug. Please take a read of my oldest’s blog at Great inspirational reading from a young lady who brings it everyday. Now on to the reading.

“I Want My Country Back….” This is probably the most loaded, possibly offensive, possibly intellectually silly comments ever uttered. Why do I say this? As I heard someone say this, I caught them off guard by asking the question, “You want your country back from what?” The silence was equally as stunning because they acted like they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) respond. This is where parroting political talking points can lead you down a road of not only embarrassment but possibly unwanted self exposure. You want the country that allowed slavery to be legal, that legal thought that recognizing 2/3rd of a man was a great idea, legally allowed segregation in all forms of life, thought forcefully moving Native Americans off their land was a grand idea, lets throw in containment camps for Asian Americans and women not being allowed to vote to boot on the good idea list. Yet this country would accept the services of these said people to fight and die for the same country who thought that they wasn’t worthy of getting equal treatment under the light of the Constitution? Is this what we are talking about?

I could get real caddy here and go all Professor Griff but what is the point. So I will take the logical road instead. (I guess I am getting soft in my old age.) Point 1: Yup, Americans have the right to free speech. No doubt there. This right is as huge as God’s Gift of Free Will. Both allows us to be left to our own devices. So the right to free speech allows us to be subjected to some of the dumbest and offensive ideas in history. What I have come to learn in my 41 years that when people parrot ideas or political talking points, most of the time they have’t taken the time to intellectually consider what they are saying. Our spiritual lives are the same way, do we really understand what we are saying when profess to being Christian, Muslim, Jewish, atheist, etc? Point 2: I guess having respect and taste are an option nowadays. Saying the first thing of the top of your head can be as bad has blowing your nose at the dinner table after you just ate. You are thinking that your comments make perfect sense, but you have nauseated everyone around you. Point 3: And if you truly stand by the craziness that you allowed to drip from your lips, I would like also thank you. Thank you for exposing yourself. I love you in the eyes of God, but I will be keeping a close eye on you….Just my .02 cents worth.