The Triumphant Return of “All I Can Do is Shake My Head”

Posted: April 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

Y’all know I can get started without giving my lil girl a plug. Please take a read of my oldest’s blog at Great inspirational reading from a young lady who brings it everyday. Love you Shuggy!!! Now on with it!!!!

I am going to deal with 2 subjects today. First, my quick take on Donald Sterling. This was a long time coming. The racist comments, the slumlord real estate deals, the criminal negligence of his stewardship of the LA Clippers, we can keep naming them. He had no business being a pro sports team owner. The league got it right today. Beyond all of the commentary, I put blame on the former commissioner David Stern. He was a staunch advocate of protecting the brand of the NBA. But he knew who Donald Sterling was and never pressed to getting that dealt with. Maybe the Clippers players can now play in peace. That is enough on that. SMH!!!!

My second subject is something that my pastor posted on Facebook. It is as follows: “Church planters: when you look at ministry and think it’s all about having a cool church with a rocking worship team please realize that there are LOTS of hurting & broken people out there that need you beyond Sunday morning and most of what you do no one will ever see. There are things you cannot delegate. You will have to get your hands dirty, there’s no way around it. #realtalk” When I read this I jumped up and shouted “AMEN!” So let me put my spin on this. (This is tough sledding but still…) In my experience, I stress my experience, it is not often when the pastor goes out and gets his or hers hands dirty. In my experience, it has been often the stance of the church to keep the pastor away from these activities and place them in status of neighborhood celebrity. Everything is plush, the church is constantly rolling out the red carpet every Sunday for the pastor and yet the neighborhood that the church is in is struggling. We seems to buy into the production of it all. The bigger the stage the better we think things are. Yet people are starving, homeless, cast out on the margins three doors down from the church. Power is not coming from the Word, praise and worship but from the cleverness of a “charismatic” preacher. Where and when did we become so Hollywood???

Instead of suits and robes, maybe we need to be in work clothes. Instead of all of the internal entertainment, maybe we fight the good fight out in these streets. Maybe instead of so much patting and swaying, maybe we tell someone on how Christ saved us. In my clergy/ministerial experience, I never wanted nor desired the “celebrity status”. I am a regular guy, with God-given quirky skill set and a testimony to tell. That is just my .02 cents worth…Let me know what you think….


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