Brotherly Love

Posted: April 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Y’all know I can get started without giving my lil girl a plug. Please take a read of my oldest’s blog at Great inspirational reading from a young lady who brings it everyday. Now on to the reading.

Easter 2014 and my Facebook posting says it best: “The pause button was pressed on my day today at 10:36 AM CDT when I received the news that Kelvin Douglas Ferguson went home to glory. He was a brother and family. I am still wrapping my heart and head around all of this….More thoughts later.” I will try to unpack some of my thoughts here. Big Kev’s passing has hit me the same way that my brother Shawn King’s passing of 3 years ago. In the Charles and Odessa Coulter Sr household, I am the youngest of 3. I have 2 older sisters. Yet, I considered Big Kev and Shawn my brothers. Kelvin and I grew up in school together, played football together and against each other at rival high schools. We always stayed tight even when I went off to college and moved to Dallas. Shawn and I grew up at NC State, went to class together, played basketball, hung out, traveled, worked and laughed together. We were still tight even as we got married, moved away and went onto our next phase of life. Yet my brothers are gone.

I can’t imagine the emptiness that Kacey (Kelvin’s wife) or Tiffany (Shawn’s wife) feel. I can’t imagine the pain that Kev’s and Shawn’s mothers feel. I can’t imagine how Kev’s sisters and Shawn’s brothers feel. I would never try to compare my sadness to theirs. I do know this, Big Kev and Shawn are my brothers and I love them.

When I talked to Kelvin a couple of weeks ago, I told him this. I thank God for that. Kev was a good man, loved his wife, loved his kids and loved his family. This brother worked hard and he gave just like others before him gave to him. He loved “The Fellas” and it always felt right when all of the stars would align and we could get together. Going home will really be different now. Nevertheless, Kelvin Ferguson, you are my brother and I love you. Just my .02 cents….


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