Special Comment-The Verdict

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Y’all know I can get started without giving my lil girl a plug. Please take a read of my oldest’s blog at http://maige23.wordpress.com/. Great inspirational reading from a young lady who brings it everyday. Now on to my special comment.

Well the verdict is in and even as disappointed and angry as I am, I am not surprised. This is par for the course. We talk about justice but I am here to ask, where is the justice for a man of color in this country? Where was the justice for all of the brothers who were lynched, where was the justice for Emmitt Till, where was the justice for all of the brothers killed by the police? Where was the justice for those brothers killed by the hand of another man of color? We found Bin Laden but we can’t find the killers of Tupac and Biggie? Now, where is the justice for Trayvon? Look at the math, we know who killed him, we have the murder weapon, we have testimony (much of it confusing mind you) and yet the man who killed him can go home. Yet the fact remains, Trayvon was killed by a man who he had NEVER met. He was killed walking back to his Dad’s house from the store. I just think how many times I went to the store as a teenager. That could have been me.

Trayvon’s Dad was living in a very nice part of town, going after his piece of the American dream and what did it get him. His son dead. What do we have to do as Black men to be worth more than the $2.75 of skin, blood, muscle and bones that we were created with? I mean my God, even President Obama can’t even get any respect of being Commander in Chief. Yes he was Trayvon, he is Trayvon by the way.

On the real, there are many brothers who are doing it right, providing for their families, improving themselves and teaching their kids how to be strong upstanding people. My grandson, Lord’s willing, will be here in November and I will be teaching him these same things. How to operate as a man of color in this world. My Dad and Grandfather taught me these things and I was taught from a different even more dangerous era. My grandson will know the history and will get the truth. He needs to know, for his survival.

This is what it is about. Survival. Survival in a society at best we are tolerated, at worse feared and hated. How do we effectively teach our kids when our own society doesn’t respect us beyond being someone’s entertainment. We are supposed to be a Christian nation, yet we deem it acceptable to marginalize and discount people outside of the so called mainstream. Christian puhleaze…..God forbid the story line of being a beacon of freedom. Trayvon was exercising his freedom to walk home from the store and got killed doing it.

Am I cynical about all this, you betcha. Because I have sorely been reminded of what I am worth to a society and a country that I would give my life for. I will probably be more coherent after I get my emotions out of my system so there will be more to this. I was Trayvon, I am Trayvon. Just my .02 cents.


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