Pre-Flight Thoughts

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

In customary and proper tone, please take a read of my oldest’s blog at Much love to my and birthday wishes to my Shuggy!!!!!

I will admit that I am not a “woe is me” type of guy and I will try to avoid that as much as possible. This particular rant is a snapshot of my thoughts and feelings as of 19:59 CDT on 19 June 2013. There has been a comment that my lead pastor at Courageous Church DFW, Bobby Minor, has hammered to me in our conversations. He states that we have to be genuine in our life walk so that we are genuine and real when we are with people. Genuineness. Keeping it real. Authentic. Certified. What ever you want to call the concept it all falls to being the same thing; being true to what and how God has wired you. It is amazing how we confirm ourselves into a pretzel in the attempt on making the proper appearance in front of people. Think of how many times you had to do “extra cleaning” when the big whigs from the corporate office showed up. Think of how different your spouse is now from when you went on your first date. Think about how many people have gotten divorced, fired, let go and dismissed because they were not who we thought they were. Realness.

Don’t get it twisted, I have may own set of issues, but I am too old to try to change my DNA to something different because it is what I think others would want to see. God has wired my high yella hind parts to be what and who I am. Which goes on to this point…

I never have claimed to be perfect or even extremely good. I have many flaws and weaknesses. But all I can offer, all I can do it to go at one speed, and that is full speed. I give my all to God, my family, work and church. I have worked hard to give the best to my wife and my kids. I put all of me out there in ministerial work. As often as I feel that I am pulled in several different directions, I bring it. That is all I can do in spite of my many shortcomings. I don’t look for accolades or pats on the back because my job is a thankless one. Bishop Lawson, Bishop Emeritus at Perkins School of Theology, gave us a fire hydrant pin at the beginning of the semester of UMC polity. He said that fire hydrant symbolizes us. We have to be out in the hot, the cold. The wet and the dry. They windy and the stifling. Hail and thunder. We have to get the grass cut around us and deal with dogs using us as rest rooms.But when that time comes God forbid of an fire, we have to be ready to spread the Living Water. A fire hydrant is a thankless job. I am a simple fire hydrant. It is my job to be there in mind, body, spirit and soul especially when those fires arise. Just my .02 cents worth.

  1. Marvin says:

    One word, brother … wow. I remark that working in ministry and my current work in HR are somewhat identical in the same way you point out. When things are good, all is well … and little is said. When things go wrong, everyone has something to say, and suggestions (some of which are way off-target) on what to do about the solution. Anyway, I feel you on that … and the gist is to go hard or not at all … at the same time being sensitive to the Holy Spirit on when to move, and when to just … be still. That’s the hardest part … being still when what’s around you says “do something” … after all, men are tend to be measured more on what they do, than who they are.

    To summarize, don’t change a thing. Keep shooting straight … I, for one, am a fan of authenticity. I’d rather anyone around be their authentic, crazy self … than a fake something/someone else. Be blessed!

  2. maige23 says:

    Never would have thought of a fire hydrant. That explains a lot about being a Christian, to unbelievers were never good until a fire starts and they need pray (water). Good message thanks for sharing.

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