A Memorial Day Edition of Thoughts

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

It has been awhile since I have posted here and I am glad to be back. I lot has gone on but God is still good. Before I get started, take a read of my oldest’s blog at http://maige23.wordpress.com/. Much love to my Shuggy!!!!! On to the show…

I will forewarn you now that this blog is going to be a gaggle of my thoughts. Or it may not, I am letting my fingers run with me on the keyboard. If I sound incoherent, lost or wandering all over the place, I ask for forgiveness now. I will say that one of the things that have been blowing my mind, especially in a political discourse arena, is how simpleton the discussion has become. This observation is for both political parties. Lets look at this for a second. Please tell me what piece of good policy has come out of Washington in the past 6 months? Hmmm??? Before anyone goes into the President Obama bashing, please stop and think a moment. With the amount of issues that are occurring at once, major disasters in OK and TX, stale job market, high prices on everything, bridges collapsing, schools failing and people hungry, you would think our leaders would find a way to at least address some issues. But no…we are people whining about the President not saluting coming off Marine 1 (yes, he is the Commander in Chief), IRS scandals that really don’t effect most common people, scandal that emails were captured from the press and what ever else. All this stuff against a man who will never run for public office again. Where is the logic in this?

Trying to place me with a political label is futile. But let me help you. My born on label is Charles Arthur Coulter Jr. My ethnic label is African-American. My belief label is that I am a Christian. I have earned the label of Dad, Master of Divinity graduate, Pastor and Chuck. With all of that said, my political leanings go with folk who have good, solid, innovative ideas to solve problems. I refuse to listen and participate with people with their proverbial thumbs in their rump whining and complaining about nonsense. I will not treat my political rights in the same vane as my NFL or college football. I am not a cheerleader or fan. I am a participant. I have skin in the game. Screw the bumper stickers, having some jabronis name on my car or some snarky comment. My forefathers and mothers spilled blood just to get the RIGHT to vote. I want to be a part of the solution. I want people to debate and discuss ideas. Our country is fertile ground for ideas and innovative thought, development and execution. But we as people have become lazy which in turn we have elected lazy, unintelligent scrubs to office.

As I remember the brothers and sisters who have given their lives both living and passed on to our nations service, it will do them a disservice to continue in our present course. Our country deserves so much better that what we are giving it. When you go into the voting both, instead of voting straight ticket, how about you do some research on who is running for office. If you can spend the time searching on Yelp and Urbansppon to find the best Chinese restaurant in the area, you can google a few names. God forbid our country needs it.

On a lighter note, who said it was acceptable for a man to wear skinny jeans? How about ones that sag? When will hip hop become hip hop again? Why do we care about Kanye/Kim K, Jay-Z/Beyonce, Chris Brown/Rhianna? Doesn’t Coach K look like the Count from Sesame Street? Just my .02 cents worth….Let me know what you think.

  1. lori1520 says:

    So true. I couldn’t agree more. In 2008 when I was a sr. in high school our English teacher knew we would be able to vote for the first time and he made us do a research paper on the election. As much as I hated it then, I know that it was a great idea to do some research on our own instead of just voting for someone because that’s who our mom or dad voted for. Its good to know why we are doing something before we do it. I also like how you shined light on fact that the media tries to keep our minds on things of less importance such as celebrities and other things so we wont focus on the bigger picture. Good stuff to think on… 🙂

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