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Before I get started, take a read of my oldest’s blog at Much love to my Shuggy!!!!!

Now to my special comment on today’s bombing at the Boston Marathon. The Boston Marathon is one of the iconic races in the running world. The runners work hard year round to be able to successfully run 26.2 miles. Their families, friends and fans of the sport are there cheering on the runners then BOOM! Out of nowhere, 2 explosions at the finish line and 1 at the JFK library. Yes there is much to be investigated to find out who did it and why. This comment won’t even dive into that but what we will dive into is our response.

Before the debates start on who failed what from the political leaders, it is time to simply say enough is enough. All of the national tragedies and we still can’t come together as a nation. When is enough enough? Our political leaders stay busy trying to keep their jobs instead of doing the difficult job and lead. Does all of the political theater really mean anything when people can’t run a marathon or go to school without getting shot or blown up? Our country has truly lost perspective and the trivial rancor which is our leadership is truly sickening. So, what will our response be for this? Lets try something different. How about some prayerful leadership? How about setting aside trivial differences and work together. Really, enough killing, enough arguing, enough silliness. Just my .02 cents….


Guess who is back???? Before I get started, take a read of my oldest’s blog at Much love to my Shuggy!!!!!

Now, onto the purpose of my special comment. A high school classmate and very close friend of mine, Sherry, wrote a very interesting series of blogs over on her blog “check your character” at Mama Shey provides a series indictment to a group that she calls “Lipgloss Christians” and also the dilemma that she has felt about Christ and the crucifixion. Interesting enough, my senior pastor at Courageous Church, Bobby Minor, preached about this dilemma. His argument stands at the fact that we as believers easily accept the easy concepts and morals of the Christian faith, yet we choose to ignore or refute the hard facts of the faith. Pastor Minor’s key point comes from the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15, where the church of Corinth was having a similar debate. To bottom line all of this, if one can not believe that Jesus was crucified, died and was buried and rose from the dead on the third day, then Christianity is a hoax. How can you be Christian without Christ? The sermon is on You Tube. Look for Courageous Church DFW.

It is truly amazing how we as people love to twist God up in a pretzel to make Him fit in whatever box we have going for the day. This is why our congregations can rationalize being pro-life yet and still are willing to send their 18 year old kids off to war or state that the death penalty is justified. This is how our churches can frown upon gay marriage but is willing to have a musician, choir members or even *gasp* gay clergy. What side of the fence are we truly on as believers? As the world finds itself in deeper and deeper spiritual combat, we (as the church) find ourselves in debates of trivial minutia. Instead of taken the Word to the people, we expect folk to pay their admission fee to come to the ‘God Club”. Christ broke bread and fellowshipped with folk at the margins. He cares for the least of those….He cares for folk who society tossed to the side and left for the dead. He cares for folk like me. If we cared for one another just a smidgin like Jesus cares for us, think of the restoration that could happen. Yet, the mandate is before us to care like Jesus cared. But we as the church don’t have the testicular fortitude to simple love one another. Something has to give. That day when the catholic church, (catholic meaning universal) decides to be the family of Christ..I mean the Family of Christ, maybe the world will be a better place. Just my .02 cents….Tell me what you think….