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Continuation of My Special Comment

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

In the fallout of the massacre in CT, the Monday morning quarterbacking has begun. The discussions about gun control has started and the politicians are in the “We Must Do Something….” Stage. I have heard many arguments both pro and con for gun control. I have heard the governor of the great state of Texas, the state I live in, come out and say that teachers should be armed and that CHL holders should be able to carry anywhere and anytime. This is from the jabroni that said Texas should secede from the Union. The same one who tried to run for President. I digress….

Instead of treating this situation just like everything else with making into a political talking point and bumper sticker, how about a little prayerful and logical thought please. My daughter is a correction officer for the Dallas County Sheriffs Dept. She and her colleagues oversee the housing of criminals here in Dallas County. If there is any conflict on the floor, the officers have to deal with it on a hand to hand combat basis. They do not get paid nearly enough to do this dangerous job. Our law enforcement officers, who work a patrol or beat day in and out, have to be prepared for anything. They don’t get paid enough for their important and necessary work. Now we want to ask teachers to pack heat. This brave men and women stand in front of our kids to teach and help mold them into constructive citizens. Yet leaders always want to cut education and teachers pay. Now you want to ask them to be strapped for protection. Good luck filling those positions. I say all that to say this. It is high time to get our priorities in order. Instead of CEOs making millions to run companies in the ground, how about properly compensating our law enforcement personnel and our educators. How about truly taking care of them and their families; taking care of those who serve the public good. It is a shame to that a slime ball politician gets compensated and treated better than the men and woman on the front lines serving the public. When is enough really enough….Just my .02 cents.


Special Comment

Posted: December 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have been very quiet for awhile and through constant encouragement from my oldest child, I am back writing. Also she prodded me to move my blog here to WordPress. Cool…By the way, take a read of her blog at Much love to my Shuggy.

Now onto my special comments on what happened today in Newtown, CT. It is kinda surreal for me because my hometown is Newton, NC. Anyway, I will not overstate the obvious feelings here. Yet, this is about as twisted as it gets. As always, the people who could really shed the most light on this tragedy are dead. 18 plus elementary school kids, 8 or more adults dead. For what?

Reports are saying that the shooter targeted his Mom, who was a kindergarten teacher at the school and opened fire on the kids. Once again, I ask for what? (I promised not to overstate the obvious here. I digress.) I am as second amendment as they come so I am not going into the politics here. Where I am going is the spiritual warfare that is happening.

Think about it. Satan is becoming more and more aggressive with his tactics. Mass random shootings are becoming the NORM here in our country. Satan is recruiting his own cell of terrorists that seem to look normal on the outside but that inner evil has been incubated to the point of spawning into violent acts. There is no difference between someone strapping a bomb to their body and blowing up a public bus in Tel Aviv than to someone shooting up a school, mall or movie theater. The only message that these acts of violence scream is that satan is on the offensive. So when is enough truly enough?

I ask again, when is enough truly enough….This question is sent to my holy sanctified, fire baptized folk filled with the Holy Ghost. Patting, swaying and shouting on Sunday is nice but we are at WAR! The casualties are mounting, lives are being destroyed. When do we as God’s Army stand? When do we show an ounce of courage? An ounce of testicular fortitude? Aren’t we mandated to wear the whole armor of God? No one said that the armor is now a museum piece, like a retired battleship. That armor is so relevant today. We need to be engaged in the combat. We need to spread the Good News. We truly need to be about building up the Kingdom. The sitting around is getting innocent people killed. This has to stop and has to stop now. Just my .02 cents worth….