Another Episode of All I Can Do is Shake My Head….

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

It has been a minute since I have applied a rant here but I decided just to be observant and marinate. I believe I am ready now. Oh by the way, please check out my daughter’s blog at It is great, thought provoking reading…Drop her a comment too. Now back to our regular scheduled programming.

Please forgive me if I sound harsh but I want to comment on the death of Whitney Houston. I have to ask the question, as shocked as we may have been, was anyone surprised? This is like saying that we were stunned when Rick James passed. But what tripped me out the most is all of the out pouring of “love” after she died. Lets talk about this a moment.

I have heard the saying, “Give me my flowers while I am still alive…” Everyone knew of the trainwreck that Whitney’s life had become. She even gave us access on the reality show. Where was the love then? Everyone knew that she had a drinking issue, where was the love? Everyone knew she liked crack, where was the love? Everyone knew that she had gone way outside of her upbringing, where was the love? I did not watch the funeral but I saw many response about it. You mean to tell me that one person in that church, not one person could have made a difference? The public turned their eye on the next big thing, the Lady Gaga’s or Nicki Manaj’s or whatever scrub, jabroni entertainer that is out. But in my heart, those closest to Whitney failed her. She was in the battle of her life in addiction and when the money train stopped, she was left alone. I know my thoughts as full of assumptions but it is how I feel. We watched Satan consume her before our very eyes and claimed it was acceptable. Lets stop with the tributes and fake love now and just let her rest in peace.

My second point is these jabroni GOP Presidential candidates. Let me add the political coverage as well. I am a political junkie but I am tired of it all. I am tired of a group of clown shoes saying anything and everything just for your vote. What makes it so bad is the sheep is buying it. What did P.T. Barnum used to say, “There is a sucker born every minute!” No one has any solutions to anything, I swear we are led by the dumbest people on God’s Earth. We allow this to be acceptable as well.

When do we as a people truly get a clue and say enough is enough? Just my .02 cents….

  1. Brad says:

    Chuck. A few thoughts:[1] I remember when Rick James died, pants around his ankles, in a pool of his own vomit … and the authorities reported he died of "natural causes". Yeah, I guess for Rick James that would be "natural".[2] Yes, "full of assumptions" – but not bad ones. Everybody grins and bears it while the dollars are flowing.[3] I was just as shocked by the "church service" for Whitney. I'm not saying the preacher should have made a "this is the natural consequence of sin" message at the funeral. It's OK to be discrete. But R. Kelly performing? Deon Warwick speaking from the pulpit? Seriously?!?? Where is the pastor of this church that he lets that nonsense go on?[4] Don't get me started on the GOP jabronis. I remember back before the 2008 election when the lament was far, and wide, and great, (and legitimate) about George W. Bush. Then Obama gets in office and doubles-down on all of those BS policies that Bush put out. (Bailouts, free money from central bank, "stimulus", save the banks at all costs). I ask my liberal friends "tell me, how is Obama any different from Bush?" I ask my conservative friends too: "tell me, how is Gingrich or Romney any different from Obama?" Vote-buying, freedom-mortgaging, oppress-the-poor-for-our-own power … they're all the same.[4a] Naturally there is one who is different – Ron Paul. But, alas, those who love freedom are far outnumbered by those who love plundering their neighbors and relying on their own wisdom to live the lives of others.

  2. Brad, all of your points are on point. I thought it was just me on my concern about the Whitney service…I just shook my head…

  3. M.A.I.G.E says:

    Yes I agree the whole Whitney thing has blown out of proportion. I understand this is a hard time for her family. When you are in the rich n famous lifestyle and under the influence of everyone it can be tough. Heck it is, but your faith in God is stronger. What happens is people forget their roots or they never had any to begin with…People need to realize that playing church has serious consequences. But majority of people will not understand the truth until it hits them smack dead in the face… literally.. My thoughts are blunt, yes, but the truth needs to be heard no matter how much it hurts. Love you DC keep writing!

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