Getting Control….

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

In customary form, I truly recommend my daughter’s blog, Made Anew in God’s Eyes at I am proud of her walk, her triumphs and her struggles. Take a read, it is good stuff. Now on to the subject at hand.

After visiting my doctor today, I am beginning to regain control of my diabetes. After several months of ignoring myself and not doing what I supposed to be doing, I am back on it and the results are very good. Now this brings me to the point of my entry. Why do I fall off the wagon so to speak?

I mean, if I go acting a fool…Eating everything I want to, not taking my medicine, not working out, what does this prove? It proves that I am a selfish bastard. Plain and simple. I am cutting my life short, cutting my time with my wife and girls short…All for short term pleasure. Just looking at it in a logical eye, it is stupid. Well, the restoration project is well underway and I have to keep plugging and grinding it out.

I have a rant that is brewing but I will save it. It could be a doozy…Just my .02 cents….


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