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Good evening everyone and welcome to another installment of “All I Can Do is Shake My Head.” By the way, please take a read of my daughter’s blog over at It is good, inspiring reading. I love you Shuggy!!!! Now on with the rant.

This blog goes out to my sisters. Ladies, lets be for real here. Why in God’s name do many of you have to have some sort of fake hair on your head? At lunch today with my wife and daughter, two sisters came into the restaurant with enough weave on their head to tie up and rustle cattle with. I thought that the weave phase would die out. (I thought that about sagging pants too. I have a episode lined up about that.) I have a few questions for the ladies. 1) Is your self esteem so bad that you have to resort to looking like the shaggy dog that  won the Westminster Dog Show? 2) Why would you blow good hard earned cash on this stuff? 3) What is the purpose of it?

I think I can speak for a lot of guys. Ladies, God blesses you with a natural beauty. That beauty is not only in your outer appearance but with in your spirit, your mind and your heart. There is nothing sexier than an intelligent woman, in her natural look. Be proud and love yourself ladies. Get rid of that weave, tap into your inner beauty, put on something comfortable, love God and love you. That is true beauty and a better look. Leave the fake stuff for Halloween. Just my .02 cents….


As customary in my posts, please take a read of my daughter’s blog at A Godly woman who is sharing herself to the reading world. Please post a comment or two…The dialogue would be great. Now back to the special SMH.

I have read and watched this bill that the Republican led legislature in Virginia is working on passing in regards to abortion. They are requiring for a doctor to perform a trans-vaginal ultrasound if a woman requests an abortion. To clarify this, (especially for us guys) the concept of a trans-vaginal ultrasound involves the doctor sticking a probe inside the woman’s vagina and perform the ultrasound. Ok, lets truly stop the car a minute and think about this.
Am I a fan of abortion??? No. I am not a fan of terminating a pregnancy for convenience sake. I do understand  an abortion in regards to rape, incest or the safety for the health and survival for the mother. Now that we have my stance out of the way, my rant starts.
These people are completely STUPID. The majority of the clown shoes that have placed these bill into rotation are white men. Let me pare that down further. Mostly MEN of proposed these laws. Even that doofus Santorum supports this. A little logic here….1) Who in the hell thinks that these guys know anything about a woman and her health? Really, these dudes know whats best for my wife and my daughter’s health. I can imagine that a PAP Smear and those procedures really suck for a woman. But this ultrasound truly necessary to guilt a woman for having an abortion? This is crazy. But what gets me is the sheer hypocrisy of it all. These are the same jabronis that dropped a load in their shorts during the “Obamacare” debate and passage. What happened to the argument that government should stay out of the doctor’s office? Or the “Government should be smaller” argument. Yet, they want to impose their will in the churches and bedrooms of our country. What these slack asses who claim to be Christian fail to understand is that God doesn’t need their help. As Christians, we are supposed to bring the Good News to the people. How does this bring anyone closer to Christ? Please help me here….People are out of work, people ore hungry, people are poor, people are hurting and this is truly all you can come up with? Citizens of Virginia, get a clue and vote these clowns shoes out as soon as possible. Just my .02 cents worth….

It has been a minute since I have applied a rant here but I decided just to be observant and marinate. I believe I am ready now. Oh by the way, please check out my daughter’s blog at It is great, thought provoking reading…Drop her a comment too. Now back to our regular scheduled programming.

Please forgive me if I sound harsh but I want to comment on the death of Whitney Houston. I have to ask the question, as shocked as we may have been, was anyone surprised? This is like saying that we were stunned when Rick James passed. But what tripped me out the most is all of the out pouring of “love” after she died. Lets talk about this a moment.

I have heard the saying, “Give me my flowers while I am still alive…” Everyone knew of the trainwreck that Whitney’s life had become. She even gave us access on the reality show. Where was the love then? Everyone knew that she had a drinking issue, where was the love? Everyone knew she liked crack, where was the love? Everyone knew that she had gone way outside of her upbringing, where was the love? I did not watch the funeral but I saw many response about it. You mean to tell me that one person in that church, not one person could have made a difference? The public turned their eye on the next big thing, the Lady Gaga’s or Nicki Manaj’s or whatever scrub, jabroni entertainer that is out. But in my heart, those closest to Whitney failed her. She was in the battle of her life in addiction and when the money train stopped, she was left alone. I know my thoughts as full of assumptions but it is how I feel. We watched Satan consume her before our very eyes and claimed it was acceptable. Lets stop with the tributes and fake love now and just let her rest in peace.

My second point is these jabroni GOP Presidential candidates. Let me add the political coverage as well. I am a political junkie but I am tired of it all. I am tired of a group of clown shoes saying anything and everything just for your vote. What makes it so bad is the sheep is buying it. What did P.T. Barnum used to say, “There is a sucker born every minute!” No one has any solutions to anything, I swear we are led by the dumbest people on God’s Earth. We allow this to be acceptable as well.

When do we as a people truly get a clue and say enough is enough? Just my .02 cents….

Getting Control….

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In customary form, I truly recommend my daughter’s blog, Made Anew in God’s Eyes at I am proud of her walk, her triumphs and her struggles. Take a read, it is good stuff. Now on to the subject at hand.

After visiting my doctor today, I am beginning to regain control of my diabetes. After several months of ignoring myself and not doing what I supposed to be doing, I am back on it and the results are very good. Now this brings me to the point of my entry. Why do I fall off the wagon so to speak?

I mean, if I go acting a fool…Eating everything I want to, not taking my medicine, not working out, what does this prove? It proves that I am a selfish bastard. Plain and simple. I am cutting my life short, cutting my time with my wife and girls short…All for short term pleasure. Just looking at it in a logical eye, it is stupid. Well, the restoration project is well underway and I have to keep plugging and grinding it out.

I have a rant that is brewing but I will save it. It could be a doozy…Just my .02 cents….