Seeing the Birth of a New Year

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Before we get started, please go check out my daughter’s blog, “Made Anew In God’s Eyes” @ Excellent reading from a excellent woman. Go see for yourself. On with the writing here.

Barring all of the normal cliches about the new year, it is truly a blessing that we are even here to see 2012. Amazing to say the least. The new year provides everyone hope, provides a platform for change. I am no different, I pray that my grind is different. Let me explain.
I am finding that my life is going into a transition mode and that is good. I am at a point that I can concentrate on a badly neglected project. The project is me. Not saying this in a selfish way, but I am leaning on God for the restoration of me. The work is going to be hard, I would imagine brutal in fact. Yet I look forward to the work. It is needed, overdue in fact. If God can create us out of nothing, I can truly imagine what He can do with me. 
This restoration will help me physically, spiritually, in my marriage, my relationship with my girls and the rest of my family. I am looking for renewal, restoration and improvement in 2012. God is good…Nuff said. Just my .02 cents.
  1. M.A.I.G.E says:

    Keep it up DC, I am behind you as well. I may not be as close to you as we would like, but I have your back and I am fighting with you to stay healthy!!! The best way to know you and learn you is to learn and know your Creator. Keep in touch with God and the rest will flow..Love you..thanks for your support!

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