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Back!!!!! Caught you looking for the same thing…Ooops, went into a Chuck D mode but I am back with another installment of my blog. (By the way, please check out my daughter’s blog, “Made Anew in God’s Eyes” at Good, good reading!) Anyhoo, on to my thoughts.

This blog, I am shaking my head at myself. After many false starts about getting my personal health together, many embarrassing failures on the subject and many public proclamations on it, it is truly time for me to do something. After a enlightening discussion with my wife last night, I have to take command of my health. This is the biggest battle that I have to face and I have failed miserably to this point. So what is my excuse now??? That is it, there is no excuse. It is time to do what is right and live healthier. God will bless it. I just have to execute it. So pray for a brotha to be able to do this day by day. God clean this temple and make it worthy for your service.  Just my .02 cents….