All I Can Do is Shake My Head Vol 2

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Ok, it is 6:40 AM CST on a rainy Saturday morning. I am up at work and it is quiet enough for me to implement another installment of “All I Can Do is Shake My Head” (Please also go check out my wonderful daughter’s blog at We thank you!!!!)

Ok, I will preface all of my thoughts with this disclaimer, I HATE SHOPPING. I have worked in retail, I know many shoppers, I even know where the local malls and shopping establishments are. But I truly hate the physical act of shopping. Personally, give me a laptop, Amazon and Craigslist, I am good. But yesterday’s Black Friday festivities was completely off the chain. I read on MSNBC of at least 8 violent acts at Walmarts alone yesterday. Really folks, we supposed to live in a civilized society and we are throwing down at the Walmart over an Xbox controller. I thought the economy was bad and we are in a recession, but we are camping out in front of the Best Buy on Tuesday evening to get the prime spot for Friday. Workers are cutting more hours short on their holiday to put up with a herd of spoiled brat, actually broke, trifling, sorry customers who are really thinking they are getting a deal.  It is amazing to see people beat each other down for a supposed bargain. Really, all of this for Christmas??? Good God we have gotten this twisted.

Where in the birth story of Christ was a Battle Royale Cage Match at Walmart included? When Joseph and Mary tried to pick up diapers for Jesus, did they get pepper sprayed when they drove up to the Walmart late that birth day evening? Man we have totally jacked up the Christmas season. Don’t you just love it how we have made Jesus one of the biggest money making ventures on the planet? It is sad really.It is a season of giving all right, giving all your money to the man. Just my .02 cents worth and shaking my head.

  1. M.A.I.G.E says:

    IM COMMENTING!!!!! I agree a lot and wonder sometimes myself…What is Christmas really about??? Who are we worshiping? Our Messiah who came to save us or things that bring temporary happiness? Don't get me wrong sharing gifts and appreciating others is good, but sharing the gift of Christ is even better!! many people have forgotten or dont even care to know anymore! what a shame…

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