Battle Update-03 February 2010

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Uncategorized
Well folks, I had another weigh in on yesterday and for this week I have not lost any weight.  I am still at 413, no worries though.  I am weighing in every week at my doctor’s office. (Dr. Callie Hollenshead-Methodist Health Systems in downtown Dallas.) Her nurse, Elvia, has been tracking my weight in my file and this has caught the eye of Dr. Hollenshead and she wanted to know what I was doing.  I told her my lifestyle adjustments and she was extremely encouraging.  Dr. Hollenshead said that this is the way weight loss should be done and that still at my current weight, 12 lbs a month is aggressive, but yet feasible.  She was very excited that I have taken on this, plus getting my blood sugar A1C numbers under control.  With the early success, there is more work to do.

1)  My dumbbell method seems to be working well.  It keeps me from having to rely on a spotter and I am able to do multiple movements without spreading myself all over the gym.
2) I am having fun working out with the 5AM crew of folks.  These older brothers and sisters are keeping me in check.
3) I am really being encouraged by Caretha’s cardio workout.  That thing is sick and I will admit I am scared of it.  She is a beast!!!!
4) Speaking of cardio, I am running sprints in the gym.  Ugly, slow sprints but sprints nonetheless.

1) Not to let this cold derail me.  Every time I have started a workout program, I get sick. Cold, flu, monkey pox, something comes up.  I will drive through this.
2) More intensity in the gym.
3) Stay true to 2500 calories and NO EATING AFTER 8:30PM.

Much love and prayers to everyone.


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