Battle Update-26 January 2010

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Uncategorized
Once again everyone, I have to ask for forgiveness for not being timely on my updates.  I admit, I have been trifling.  Please forgive me y’all!!

Thank God that I am seeing progress.  I stepped on the scale today at the doctor’s office and 414 lbs. was recorded!!!!  We are -13 lbs already and I have made my monthly goal already!!!!!  God is truly good.


The Good: 1) I am doing well with portion size and time of eating. 
                2) I am being very consistent with my water intake.
                3) I have kept the junk to a minimum.
                4) I am starting to get into a groove with my workouts.  More on that in a minute.

Need to Keep Working On: 1) My workouts and bringing more intensity to the table.  My workouts have been really cool as of late and I thank      God for bring in the 5AM crew at the gym in my life.  This group of folk, which I am the youngest of the bunch, really push and encourage me as I workout.  It is really cool.  I have started to play basketball with these guys and I have found my shooting stroke.  Now I have to find my stamina.  I am going to take the advice of one of the group members and concentrate my running to basketball.  (I do want to play pick up again.)  Now I just have to keep bringing it.  Also, I am adding more movements in my weight work.

2) Continue to watch what I eat, but I need to EAT as well.  I am finding that being on this journey as a diabetic is not easy because my body is expecting something that it has been getting for so long and now it is not.  I guess I am a food junkie that is going through withdrawals. Thing of it is, it sometimes throw my body in a tailspin.  So I have to concentrate on keeping nutrients in me; whether it is fruit, a salad, something.  Right now, eating is not my life, I am eating to live.

3) Keep check on calories.  Stay true to my 2500 calorie a day limit.

4) Keep water intake up.  I had a diet coke on Sunday and it was horrible.  I may never go back to sodas.  I think I am done.

Well, that is enough from me.  Please keep praying for me and I will improve on my updates.  Much love to everyone.


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