Battle Update and Other Thoughts-15 Jan 2010

Posted: January 15, 2010 in Uncategorized
Please forgive me in the frequency of my postings.  I will work harder on getting the Battle Update out everyday. 

It has been a few days since I have made (in my eyes) some pretty drastic adjustments in my dietary lifestyle.  What I have done is this:
1) Eliminate ALL sodas. Diet included.
2) Drinking 96oz of water a day (need more)
3) Eliminate eating heavy meals after 8PM. (I eat fruit or drink water for snacks)
4) Up fiber content by a factor of 2. (This has had dramatic consequences to say the least.)
I will say that these adjustments alone, I have been feeling a bit different.  I don’t feel as lethargic in the mornings.  Hmmm, I am wondering if my late night eating was covering some things up.  As I relearn my body in this new mode, I will put my observations here.

So far, I really need to improve on:
1) More intensity in the gym
2) Further improvement on my eating. (spreading calories through the day)

I got to keep working.  Please keep praying for me.

Now on my other thoughts.  The situation in Haiti is one of truly dire proportions.  The recovery effort will be and now is an effort that our country will own.  It is very important that the US is fully engaged in Haiti because:
1) This country didn’t have but especially now has NO GOVERNMENT.  The prime minister of Haiti is out on the street just like everyone else there.  The ruling government in Haiti has always have been corrupt and tack on the centuries of poverty and neglect, now we have a humanitarian crisis of Biblical size.  This point goes into:
2) Who fills the void???  I am no fan of regime change, but this earthquake may have done it for the Haitian government.  Some where in the process, there will be civil unrest.  Chance are, when the people begin to get their feet underneath them, they will take the advantage of forcing changes in Haiti.  Who do we want to fill the VOID??? Al Queda??? Castro??? Chavez???  Which brings me to:
3) Haiti is an 90 minute flight from Miami.  Nuff said here.

I will comment on Rush and Pat Robertson later…Time for a nap…


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