Battle Update-11 January 2010

Posted: January 12, 2010 in Uncategorized
First off, I have to thank God for everything!!!  I thank God for His blessings and His challenges.  God has thrown His punk card on me and I have chosen to pick it up.  (I just love the way the Lord presses my buttons. Well, He did design me.)  I will say that since I have place my blog post here at my blog The Underground 88, ( also being ‘simulcasted’ on Facebook, the love that my Facebook family has shown to me has been so overwhelming.  I truly want to thank everyone who has commented and those that are praying and watching.  You guys are truly gifts from the Lord and it only makes me stronger.  I also announced this journey to my church family at HHUMC and I want to thank them for the love and support that the are giving me as well.  I am so blessed to be at such a loving church and thank Dr. Sheron Patterson for allowing me to share.  (She is a breast cancer survivor and my senior pastor.  Check her out at and join her on the Patterson Pledge.)

I would like to take this paragraph to thank and address my family.  I thank God for the love and support that my family has given me with the start of all of this.  My blog post with my pic, truly stunned my wife and understandably so.  Even being stunned, she has been my biggest cheerleader and biggest foot in my tail.  She wields a mean size 9 and with our youngest has her attack dog, they make a mean team.  I love you Sweetness!!!

Now with all of that out of the way, now to business.  Today has been a great day.  I spoke with my doctor about my mission and she was ALL for it.  So now we have a standing date, every Monday morning for weigh in.  She is tracking my weight and blood sugar counts.  I checking in at 421.0 lbs.  DOWN 6 lbs.  Thanks be to God!!!!  I jetted over to Central Market and picked up some fruit and spent the rest of the day handling other personal business.  I took a mile walk through the neighborhood early this afternoon to get some cardio in just in case i wouldn’t make it to the gym.  (I WILL BE IN THERE TOMORROW.)

I used a BMI calculator to attain what would be the caloric intake that I need to maintain my weight.  You can find a BMI calculator on the web using Google of course.  I plugged in my weight, height, age and activity level and to maintain my weight I have to eat 4,050 calories a day.  WTH???  I looked at those numbers and it frightened me because I have had to have averaged WAY over that to get to where I am now.  4,050 calories????  For the love of Jesus.  My attack plan is simply this.  I am a scientist by nature and the attack is in the numbers.  If I can get myself in the 2,000-2,500 calorie a day limit and increase my activity level by a factor of 2, this weight we go away.  Portion control and clean eating, the diet part will take care of itself.  (Oh, I am going to a diabetic nutritionist on 15 February.)  What I ate today:

Brunch: 7 chicken wings, orange and 32 oz of water

Afternoon snack: Fuji apple

Dinner: Jumbalaya and baked potato

I have drank 96 oz of water today and I need to up that.  I need to find a calorie guide so I can nail down numbers there.  The planning and journaling mealsis going to take some adjustment and perfecting but I will get the hang of it.  Keep praying for me guys…This journey is going to be fun.  See y’all tomorrow….


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