The Beginning of the Battle for My Life

Posted: January 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, here I am in all of my glory. This is where I start the quest that the Lord has placed me on. What you are looking at is me. This is the result of years of neglect, years of poor maintenance, years of bad stewardship. The Scriptures state that our bodies are a temple of the Lord. Well this temple right here folks is not what God had in mind.

I am right now at 427 lbs. I have never been this heavy in my entire life. I am a diabetic. My back is not of the best shape. Knees are sore and I have flat feet. That is a simple description of the outside. What you see here doesn’t compare to what is going on in the inside. Yet, they go hand in hand.

I have realized is that what you see in the picture has closed many doors for me. What I have realized that what you see in the picture has caused God to deem me as not being ready to take the next steps in my life and in the ministry He has called me to do. What I have realized is that what you see in the picture is a life of sin. Plain and simple.

The picture above has caused my to be really isolated from friends, family and even myself. I have become so stale because I don’t want to really do anything. I press forward of course, but the hunger and drive has been so far extinguished because of what you see. I would be a fool not understand that my kids are probably ashamed of me because of this. I would be a fool not to understand that my wife may not look at me the same way as she did when we first met. I was no where close to being this big 12 years ago. I feel really empty on the inside because the temple is too big!!!!!

So here I am, at 427 lbs. When I went home last month, the Lord really worked on my spirit. More accurately, the Lord has been working on me for awhile now. God has shown me that He loves me right now at 427. God is wanting me to do what I have been designed to do and that is to be INCREDIBLE. (INCREDIBLE meaning the ability, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to do extraordinary things.) The picture above is the one battle that I have been scared to fight. Well no more…

This is where I will start. The direction and goal is to lose 100 lbs in 8 months. There is a whole lot of cleaning and changing that I will have to undergo. This is no diet plan, this is a God plan. I have to change from the inside of the temple, the renovations of the temple start from within. So as I embark on this mission, I will chart my journey here. I will post all of my weigh-ins here, my daily food intake as well and my workout. I will also track my life here in this journey. Maybe we all can learn from this.


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