It has been so long, I might have to re-introduce myself…

Posted: April 11, 2006 in Uncategorized

I am so shameful for not posting regularly like I should…No excuses…But there is so much to talk about so let me get started….

1) In the political arena, we are dealing with the news that the Valerie Plame leak came from the President himself and to top things off, we are finding out that our government is considering nuclear weapons as a option with dealing with Iraq. Please give me a few moments to work through the current mess that our leaders are putting our country through.

With the Valerie Plame deal, I am not going to concentrate on the facts of the timing of the “de-classification” of the documents or anything like that. I want to deal with the spiritual ramifications….The President has told us time and time again that he is a man of faith. Ok, Mr. President, let me speak to you and you only. Mr. President, you are in a position that can engage and constitute great change. That you have done, but you have failed miserably with advancing the Kingdom of God that you claim to profess. Sir, you have failed miserably with dealing with the plight of the oppressed. You have allowed a mess to continue in Iraq; innocent people are dying daily for a world view that sir, I truly don’t even think you truly believe in. even more grotesque than that, you, yes, you have failed the people of the nation that you swore to protect. I will give you 9/11 but I will not give you Katrina. As a man of faith, where was your compassion, where was your leadership, where were your balls??? You can order the bombing of Afghanistan and Iraq but you can’t deal with an internal issue a series as the Gulf Coast. It sickened me to see my brothers and sisters suffer like that. Oh, you Mr. President, Great Man of Faith, where were you??? The buck is supposed to stop with you….Where is the compassion, the genuine care??? Let me reel myself in…

Back to Valerie Plame…..The Apostle Paul speaks about avoiding the appearance of evil for it could be detrimental to other brothers and sisters. Yet, don’t you think Mr. President that the appearance of you ratting out a CIA agent looks bad??? I remember that in 2000, the President promised to bring intergrity back into the White House….The jury is still out on that one.

2) The selling out of America. It sickens me to see so many people lose their jobs to outsourcing and off shoring. (Especially in the IT industry.) Why should kids go into technology when there will be no jobs available for them? The middle class is slowly dying a painful death….It is interesting, everyone is talking about immigration reform, don’t you think that immigration reform is actually already happening??? Think about it, when every decent paying job goes away to India, Brazil, and Mexico, why would anyone want to sneak into the US??? If the American Dream is dead, what would be the purpose for coming here??? Just wondering…

3) Brett Favre. Everyone is wanting for him to make up his mind about playing this year or not…If the Packers are smart, they better run their organization as a business and make sure they are ready for the season without Favre. If they are waiting for baited breath for the decision from Favre then they deserve to lose all of their games this year.

4) Barry Bonds. Ok, I really have no opinion about him one way or another but I ask the question, who do we as sports fans give so much credence to Babe Ruth’s Home Run mark??? Babe is SECOND on the list…The home run record is owned by HANK AARON. Period, end of story. I don’t know any other second place person to get so much conversation…Simply amazing.

5) Please read Michael Eric Dyson’s new book, From Hell or High Water, it is amazing….

That is enough….I pormise to do better next time….


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